Poly Stone products are water resistant, repairable, and resistant to chipping. Because of its high degree of versatility, Poly Stone can be used to create many bathroom products for example: sinks with integral tops, shelving and caddy, whirlpool decks and side walls, shower basins, back splashes, wall panels, benches, etc. Poly Stone is arguably the most durable & versatile countertop product in the market.

Because the products fabricated are spray and cast molded, the installed piece(s) have minimal seams, if any, when installed properly. By using a mildew resistant 100% silicone, it becomes virtually leak proof. All countertops can be cast with the deck and bowl as one solid piece. Classic Marble vanity tops & laundry tubs and our kitchen & bar sinks typically have the bowl cast as an integral part of the deck, avoiding potentially unsightly seams. The customer does have the option to select their bowl of choice. Poly Stone shower panels are typically only seamed where panels meet in the corners, unless the shower stall exceeds five feet.

Poly Stone products are very versatile. You will find applications in residential construction, multi-family housing, as well as commercial dwellings. Over the past 10 years, raw materials, manufacturing techniques, and color selections have improved dramatically which will allow you to enjoy your Poly Stone products in their original luster for many years to come. Check out our custom fabricated pieces in our Gallery to view some of Classic Marble’s remarkably designed products.