Caring for your investment

Classic Marble would like to say thank you for your interest in our product. Throughout the years, we stand by the highest quality and beauty of PolyStone, everyone’s solid surface choice.

The Poly Stone product is made from a non-porous blend of polyester resin and natural mineral fillers. It is solid from front to back and from top to bottom. You can protect the beauty of your Poly Stone product and ensure a long life of trouble-free service by observing the following guidelines:

General Care & Cleaning

The PolyStone products are to be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. Do not use a cleaner with small granules which can scratch the surface. A few brands we recommend are: 409 Marble & Granite cleaner, Murphy’s Oil soap, Lysol Tub & Tile, and Gel Gloss sold in a pink and white can. DO NOT apply sealers, waxes, penetrants, or other topical treatments to your Poly Stone product(s) under any circumstances. Over time, as you clean your PolyStone product(s), the color will enhance giving it a nice, sheen look.

Preventing Heat Damage

Do not place appliances with extreme heat sources on your Poly Stone surface. Examples of such appliances are electric skillets, crock pots, George Foreman grills, and other appliances with bottom-mounted heating elements. These appliances generate heat in excess of 350° F with minimal shielding between the heating element and the work surface.

The use of hot pads or trivets is recommended when placing hot objects on any surface or when using a crockpot. Reducing direct heat exposure to your product’s surface is important for its protection and your investment.

With the average home water heater set at 130°-140° F, your Poly Stone sink(s) will provide outstanding performance under normal household use. Care must be taken to avoid sudden temperature extremes which can cause thermal shock (cracking in the bowl.) or filling a sink with ice followed immediately by boiling water, or vice versa. We suggest that you run tepid water from your faucet when draining boiling or extremely hot water in your Poly Stone sink. Additionally, before placing hot cookware into a PolyStone sink, we recommend you allow the piece to cool.

Prevent Other Damage

Your PolyStone product(s) can be usually be repaired if damaged. We suggest the following guidelines:
  • Do not cut or slice directly on the surface.
  • Do not drag objects or pans across the surface.
  • Do not place dyes, paint cans, removers, or other sources of chemical material on top of the surface. If one of these comes in contact with the top, immediately wipe off with water. Even though our product is non-porous, it is best to treat your investment with top quality care.