Will you tear out my old tub, shower, kitchen countertop, etc.?
Yes, we are more than happy to perform this service for an additional charge.
Will I have a seam in my countertop?
We do the best we can to fabricate your countertop in one piece. Certain circumstances such as: door entrance size, product size, & how we had to fabricate your piece will determine if there needs to be a seam.
Does my Poly Stone product require a sealant?
There is no sealing needed for your PolyStone product. Each product fabricated is non-porous.
Will the Poly Stone product match the color sample?
The Poly Stone product is a natural product and is made, in part, of natural minerals. Natural variation in color and pattern will occur with all natural products. The product will be similar to the sample, but may not match exactly. This variation applies to all samples, physical or digital photos. Classic Marble cannot be responsible for these variations.
What type of sink can be used?
Classic Marble’s standard sink is their fabricated molded non-recessed sinks; we have various styles to select from. You can purchase your sink to be used as a set in or an under mount
What are some suggestions to use for cleaning my cultured marble product?
Safe cleaning products customers have used are: 409 Marble & Granite cleaner in a spray bottle, Murphy’s Oil soap, Magic Eraser, Gel Gloss in the pink and white can and any antibacterial spray cleaner.
Can we install the product ourselves?
What small tips can you give to help care for my Poly Stone product?
Do not drag items with sharp edges along your countertop. You can place felt pads on the bottom of holders and trays which might have a stone, a metal, or a rough edge. Use a squeegee in the showers.